Hello from the English side ~

Fire Meets Gasoline.

The funny thing is, I will never forgive you for the exact thing we will never be able to change. Your departure.

It is not that you chose to leave, but that you did not choose to stay.  Lire la suite « Fire Meets Gasoline. »

Hello from the English side ~

Beautifully Unfinished.

Me: « So… This is it? Is this what we call the end? 

You: I guess so.

I checked my watch : one hour had passed since we arrived at this place. I had lost track of time. 

Me : How much time do we have left? 

You : Not much.  Lire la suite « Beautifully Unfinished. »

Hello from the English side ~

Goodbye, my lover.

The scariest part of letting you go was not knowing if I would ever see you again.

Sometimes, I surprise myself wishing you were here, lying next to me, with this stupid smile on your face. Back to those days, I would have begged for one more hour, one more night, one more week. Just more time with you.

But it won’t happen. I had to convince myself hard enough that you are gone. And things will never return as they were left. Lire la suite « Goodbye, my lover. »

Hello from the English side ~

Advice to the broken ones.

He will try to fuck you up but you will be okay. Because that’s life and you already had to deal with the exact same scenario before.

And look at you, looking your best and standing on your own two feet, while not so long ago, you were lying on the floor as you thought it was the end.

They will hurt you ; they will break you ; but in the end, you will get used to it. You will be able to feel alive even if you already died inside a couple of times. Lire la suite « Advice to the broken ones. »